WEST PALM BEACH, 2 February 2018 – CTC International Group, Inc., a leading provider of business intelligence and security solutions, today released RiskSurv, the only comprehensive, consistent risk assessment metric and report generation tool on the market.

RiskSurv is a global, consistent and cost effective methodology specifically designed to determine an organization’s compliance with its own security policies by identifying gaps and prioritizing the actions to address the same in today’s threat and budgetary environment.

“We developed RiskSurv in partnership with one of the best names in the software industry, Protatech, to fill a very real need in the industry,” explains CTC Chief Security Officer Nabil Erian. “Security functions are struggling to monitor and mitigate existing risks in an age of dwindling resources, and RiskSurv provides the solution.”

RiskSurv employs a proprietary methodology developed by CTC to survey the actual situation on the ground against approved internal policies and procedures. The outcome is a very user friendly compliance report that provides an objective view to the level of readiness at any given site. The report also identifies gaps and prioritizes actions required to meet duty of care standards. This metrics can be deployed as either a self-assessment
or a third party external audit.

“With this tool, security functions finally have a cost-effective way to measure risk – and generate a report that is actionable,” says CTC Executive Vice President W.T. Hill. “It is nimble and is adaptable for any vertical, while also being rigorous and thorough. Frankly, it is a game-changer for the entire industry.”

To learn more about RiskSurv or to schedule a demo, please visit https://www.risk-surv.com or call CTC International Group at 561-655-3111.

Press Contact:
Lin Hall
CTC International Group, Inc.