False Flag, Anyone?

Once relegated to internal shop talk among intelligence types, the term “false flag” has become widely used among the general public, and often included as a plot twist in television and movies. Most recently, the term hit headlines after some groups claimed the insurrection at the Capitol on 6 January was a false flag operation by left-wing extremists masquerading as right-wing extremists to smear former President Trump and the right. But what exactly is a false flag, really, and how does it work? The origin of the term dates back to pirate days when marauders displayed flags of the [...]

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Impact of Closing China/US Consulates

Does it really matter that the Chinese Consulate in Houston and the US Consulate in Chengdu closed? It looked like a scene from a spy thriller: Chinese diplomats frantically burning documents in the courtyard of the Houston Consulate hours before they were being evicted from the building. Five days later, in Chengdu, the American flag outside the US Consulate was lowered and Chinese soldiers protected officials wearing hazmat suits as they entered the building. The tit-for-tat closures of the consulates comes as tensions between the US and China reach new highs. While the closures may seem [...]

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Espionage: Alive, Well, and Dangerous

The recent conviction of former Israeli cabinet minister Gonen Segev on espionage charges demonstrates once again that the second oldest profession in the world is alive and well, and often involves unlikely bedfellows.  Officials in Equatorial Guinea detained Segev last May and extradited him to Israel at the request of Israeli officials, according to the BBC and other media outlets. The 63-year-old former Minister of Energy and Infrastructure admitted to Shin Bet officials that he had passed the Iranians "information related to the energy sector, security sites in Israel and officials in political and security institutions." [...]

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