Reason Number 1 to Call CTC: Litigation

Intelligence is the difference between winning and losing a legal case. It is also the difference between simply obtaining a judgment and finding the assets to fulfill that judgment.

While intelligence – the combination of targeted research and professional analysis of that research – is critical, it is often relegated to secondary status. For the attorney who is trying to manage a case, work with a client, and perform the specialized legal research they are trained to do, complex research and analysis simply is not possible.

“An attorney who conducts his own research is not only stretching himself too thin, he is also doing his client a disservice,” says CTC International Group CEO Lisa M. Ruth. “Producing intelligence requires experienced, professionally trained intelligence professionals.”

Historically, attorneys have relied on private investigators, who are adept at collecting individual data points, but lack the skill set to either analyze the information or to establish the correct intelligence questions in the first place.

“We frequently work with PIs,” says Ruth. “They help get the individual snippets of information. However, overseeing the investigation from an intelligence standpoint and putting it all together requires intelligence professionals.”

CTC employs the intelligence cycle to provide attorneys with the specific information they need to make informed decisions.

“We are professionally trained researchers and analysts, each with more than 20 years of experience in the delicate, complex, and often convoluted process of collecting and analyzing information to produce finished intelligence,” explains Ruth. “We work very closely with attorneys to provide a very clear picture of the situation, the defendant, the plaintiff, and everyone else involved.”

Call CTC International Group, Inc. at 561-655-3111 to learn how they can help you with your case. You can also email CTC at

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