Suriname: More Than the Final Jeopardy! Answer


With Brexit roiling European markets and many emerging markets saturated with investors seeking alternatives to ho-hum markets, it may be time to look off the grid.

 Really off the grid.

 Yes, that’s right…it may be time to look at Suriname.

 In addition to getting in at the very, very ground floor, you can also prepare for final Jeopardy:

“This South American country has a population under 540,000 people and is the only Dutch-speaking country on the continent.”

Answer: What is Suriname?

In fact, where is Suriname?

 Suriname is a former Dutch colony, nestled between Guyana and French Guyana. Cleverly, it used to be called Dutch Guyana. When the country earned its independence, more than 200,000 residents fled to the Netherlands, and the country essentially stagnated under political and economic uncertainty. It suffered insurgencies, coups, dictatorships and everything in between.

Now, however, Suriname is a democracy and wants to play in the global community. Last month, Suriname (capital Paramaribo, in case that comes up in Jeopardy) sent its foreign minister to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit to drum up support, and it is planning to continue its charm offensive elsewhere.

Essentially, Suriname is a blank slate and it needs everything. It also has large natural resources and an enormous amount of arable land.

It also currently carries between 10% and 15% of the global freshwater supply.

Another major advantage is its location. Suriname provides easy access to the Caribbean, South America, and to Europe thanks to its strong ties to the Netherlands.

Of course, there are plenty of negatives and vulnerabilities in this cultural, religious and ethnic melting pot as well.

Suriname is not like any other country in the world, and requires in-depth, professional research to understand the intricacies of the country. What other country speaks Sranan Tongo? Understand the environment, the benefits and risks, and make sure you are working with the right people before you leap in.

But for the private investor willing to jump off a cliff, Suriname might just be the right place at the right time.

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