Keep the ISIS kill list private


An ISIS-affiliated hacker group has come out with a new “kill list” that includes normal Americans from around the country. According to officials, the individuals named are not affiliated with the government or military in any way.

Authorities have notified those on the list that they are named by ISIS. However, it is unclear just how real this threat is. Remember, the major goal of ISIS is to create terror. By publishing these lists, ISIS is sewing uncertainty and trying to cause havoc. This should not be taken lightly, but no American on any of the ISIS kill lists has actually been killed or even targeted.

On the other hand, publishing this list could cause problems. The biggest threat to these individuals at this point is if a “lone wolf” ISIS follower takes the list and decides to “help” the cause. ISIS gets great joy when wanna-be jihadists foment unrest in their name.

 Nothing good comes from making this list public. People who are named on the list are already facing uncertainty; don’t add fuel to the extremist fire.

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