Is Egypt slipping toward instability?


Is Egypt really stable? After the fall of Mohammad Morsi and the election of General el-Sisi, the world tucked Egypt into the “stable” category. But is it? And if so, at what price?

Journalists are being jailed, at least two flights from Egypt have been downed in mysterious circumstances, and an elderly Christian woman was stripped naked and paraded through the streets by a mob. ISIS is making inroads and the Sinai is a no-mans-land, where criminals and terrorists take refuge. It is also, of course, adjacent to Israel. An Egyptian minister and his two sons were recently jailed for corruption. Oh, and angry crowds continue to protest a government decision to give two islands to Saudi Arabia.
Egypt is smoldering. The only question is whether the government can dampen the flames before the situation explodes into full-fledged instability, likely followed by massive government crack down. American companies need to know what this building discontent means, for Egypt and the region, and what the likely consequences will be. Are you prepared?

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